Assistant Director, Full time, Romania

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Assistant Director

As an Assistant Director you will be responsible for managing the day-to-day administrative activities, providing operational support to executive leadership, delivering results on time, and at the highest specification, ensuring that high standards are constantly maintained. The Assistant also serves as a liaison to the executive leadership and senior management teams; organizes and coordinates operations, assisting the management team in organizing, planning and implementing local office.

- Assisting the manager in their daily tasks;
- Setting up appointments and meeting for them throughout the day;
- Coordinating with all the departments that come under the guidance of the manager'
- Taking over the daily tasks if the manager is absent due to some reason;
- Compiling of all the reports that have to be checked on a daily basis;
- Assisting the manager in conducting meeting that are done with many other departments;
- Maintain communication with all the departments;
- They have to act like a bridge between the senior management and the employees;
- They are an important part of the company and have to show a lot of versatility;
- They have to know about the functioning of each department;
- This post is a like a stepping stone into more responsible roles, hence, they have to display good leadership skills;

- Translates written documents from Romanian to English/French and vice-versa;

- Facilitate effective communication between two parties that do not speak a similar language by converting one spoken or written language to another;

- Attend conferences and meetings and act as official translator to mediate discussion;

- Translate spoken communication to sign language for hearing impaired audience;

- Convert written materials from one language into another.

This positions requires strong organizational skills, excellent English and French verbal and writing ability, ability to set priorities and work independently in a fast-paced environment, and strong work ethic.
The successful candidate will have outstanding interpersonal and communications skills and be able to handle confidential information. A bachelor’s degree and at least 4 years of admin/executive support experience is strongly preferred.
The ideal candidate will have the ability to exercise good judgment in a variety of situations, with strong written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills, and the ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities.
Forward looking thinker, who actively seeks opportunities and proposes solutions. Attention to detail and ability to produce work products that are accurate and in accordance with procedures and high standard.
Advanced level performance in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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