the best set of full services, covering the processes of personnel recruitment, testing and placement on the Romanian market.

The result is a highly adaptable structure, tuned both to the organization’s needs as well as to its specific market, an increase of the organization’s human resources quality.

Professional’s Approach
  • starts with positive and emphatic understanding of the client’s needs by assessing its structure and specific dynamics in the particular context of its market
  • continues with properly defining the organization’s needs on short, medium and long term and with the conclusion of a specific report
  • continues with the process of reaching the best performing candidates for the positions in selection trough our extensive data-bank, trough direct selection and other special methodologies
  • continues with the selection process, that can be simple or extended, according to the objectives of the selected position – primary interviews, tests, secondary interviews, final lot
  • concludes once the candidates are placed and followed-up during their period of adaptation to the new work environment. If necessary the candidates can be replaced during the guarantee period
The Volume Recruitment Approach
  • a special approach created to properly respond in the shortest time possible and with the best results to the client’s need for a large number of persons in the same area of activity or in similar positions

The approach we designed proved its efficiency, covering and properly responding to the client’s needs for dedicated personnel, temporary personnel, outsourcing and related administrative services.

The results are an increased flexibility of the organizational chart, the undertaking the client’s administrative, legal and fiscal labor related activities, the improvement of salaries budget efficiency.

Professional’s Approach
  • begins with understanding the client’s needs. This process leads to a particular solution for each client. The client no longer needs to attend the administrative activities, can focus on his core activity, obtains a more flexible organizational chart and diminishes the salary budget by outsourcing some or all of its personnel
  • continues with implementing the solution either by initiating the selection and placement process or by taking into evidences the outsourced personnel recruited directly by the client
  • continues with the administration procedures, including: payroll, paying the salaries, paying the proper taxes, providing the general training for the labor safety regulations, administrating the labor contracts, issuing all types of labor related certificates
  • during the whole process of personnel administration we can supply full support to our clients, on-site services and management of the relations with the authorities